Babies born prematurely – special care and breastfeeding

Majka drži bebu

At almost all examinations, the gynecologist determines when your due date should be based on various measurements and the date of the last menstrual period. That may change over time through reviews, but you can never be sure it will be just that date. If babies are born before 37 weeks, they are considered premature. Like other babies, they need care, but something more special. Many premature babies usually need to stay in the incubator in order for their respiratory system to develop first, and then the rest of the body, and for them to be able to function normally after leaving the incubator.

Just because your baby was born prematurely doesn’t mean your second or third baby will also be born earlier – there are a lot of factors that affect this. One of the most common reasons why premature birth occurs is primarily stress, then intrauterine infection, and increased uterine enlargement. If you will not be able to hold your child in your arms while you are in the hospital, it is important that you are nearby and make contact. Your baby will recognize your scent, your voice and so you will create intimacy. If you feel a rush of emotions and if you are overwhelmed by feelings, be as close to your child as possible and just think about how soon you will be together in your home and holding your child in your arms.

Babies born prematurely will follow a different development through the first days, weeks and months, depending on how early they are born, than babies born at term, but this does not mean that your baby will not develop normally and it usually does not affect further baby development. With your calmness, courage and lots of love and your premature baby will start to develop normally.

Breastfeeding is the moment when the baby and the mother get closer and when the baby gets all the nutrients it needs for development through milk. If you will not be able to breastfeed your baby, breastfeed as often as possible to strengthen the baby’s immune system through your milk. Be with your baby even if you can’t physically touch it, but closeness will even encourage lactation. There are various methods of dispensing, from manual to various dispensers, both electric and manual. Find the best method for you and supply your child with nutrients that will help him in further development and development.

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