Breast milk – the gold standard

Majka doji dijete

Breast milk, despite all the scientific achievements of mankind, is still by far the best food for infants. There is no single product that can reach the nutritional value that breast milk provides to a baby.

The composition of human milk provides the gold standard for infant nutrition because, in addition to the usual nutrients, it also contains bioactive components that additionally protect and enable optimal growth and development of infants. The composition of human milk changes between each meal of the day, during different lactation periods, and is also different in different populations.

Nutritional ingredients of breast milk come from several sources:

  • some milk nutrients are formed by synthesis in lactocytes (cells that produce breast milk)
  • some come directly from the mother’s diet, ie they are of dietary origin
  • some originate from the nutrient stores of the mother organism stem cell stores
  • some are products of the mother’s immune system.

There are three basic groups of ingredients in breast milk:

  • macronutrients
  • micronutrients
  • bioactive ingredients

Macro and micronutrients are ingredients that can be somewhat substituted in industrial preparations, but bioactive components are something that every mother gives to her child as a unique product of her organism exclusively adapted to the child.

Breast milk and its main tasks:

  • It gives enough energy for growth
  • It provides enough nutrients for growth
  • Ensures proper development of the neurological system and vision
  • Ensures proper balanced development of the immune system
  • Helps in the maturation of the digestive system
  • Reduces the possibility of allergies by strengthening the intestinal flora
  • Protects against obesity (according to the German Society for Child and Adolescent Health DGKJ)

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