Breast milk variable as needed

Sastav majčinog mlijeka

Breast milk is not always the same, but it adapts to the needs and age of your baby. In the first days after birth, colostrum (pre-milk) is formed. It is only a small amount, but easily digestible colostrum has it all: it has an intense yellowish color due to the high content of carotenoids and contains a particularly large amount of protein, immunoglobulins (substances for immune defense), minerals and vitamins (especially vitamins A, D, K and B12). . Even phagocytes (white blood cells that protect the body), and can kill bacteria and fungi, appear in colostrum. But it is less fat and lactose compared to later mature breast milk.

Approximately from the 4th to the 10th day after birth, transitional milk with a high fat content follows and then mature breast milk. Due to the high content of fats and carbohydrates, mature breast milk is enough to saturate the baby. By the way, breastfeeding mothers usually produce more than 700 ml of breast milk per day.

Breast milk is adapted to the needs of the child: with each breastfeeding meal, first of all, flows milk with a high lactose content (front milk). It quenches the first thirst so that your baby can enjoy nutrient-rich milk in peace. It is important because babies need 3 to 4 times more energy per kilogram of body weight for their rapid growth.

If you now compare the size and volume of the stomach, it quickly becomes clear why breast milk must have such a huge energy density: the stomach of a newborn is as big as one tenth of the stomach of an adult. It can receive a maximum of 200 ml, adults up to 2000 ml.

Nature also has a perfect system for a child’s growth: the child now wants to drink more often, fall asleep, wake up, and drink again. Some mothers then worry that their child may not be satisfied. But this is not the case: frequent use means that the body automatically produces more milk and can optimally care for the baby during its growth phase. This type of breastfeeding behavior is called “cluster feeding.”

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