Development of immunity in children

Povrće za dizanje imuniteta

It has always been, and nowadays it is very important to maintain good immunity in adults, and especially in children. Children today are born in a world that is constantly evolving and changing, so it is very important that the child has a resilient and strong immune system and adaptable to all the challenges that await him. Resilience is important because it allows our children to face experiences independently and flexibly today and in the future. This ability is more important today than ever before because the world is constantly changing and we don’t know what challenges await our children. The greater the child’s adaptability and resilience, the better prepared he or she is for future challenges.

Let your child discover the world and gain as much experience as possible – because with each experience, resilience and adaptability increase. By the way, this cycle lasts a lifetime. Every experience leads to greater resilience, and those who have great resilience can always gain new experiences. From a child’s swimming to the first mountain tour – any early contact with people and the environment supports this development.

In winter, your baby may encounter snow for the first time, the body will adapt to cold temperatures and winter environment, and time spent in the fresh air is always desirable and necessary. Later, your child’s immune system will be strengthened by such experiences for hiking and trekking, whether in spring meadows, summer weather, or fall winds. Your child develops resilience and adaptability step by step with each new challenge.

Immune system – important for early experiences

An important prerequisite for developing resilience is a healthy immune system as it strengthens your child from the inside out for valuable experiences with the outside world. Your baby’s immune system is still immature at birth and develops over the years and your baby’s immunity becomes stronger.

The immune system is significantly shaped by the third birthday.

A balanced and healthy diet provides your child with all the important nutrients during this time and so he can discover the world and optimally develop his immune system – either through early contact with other children, but also through being in the cold and in contact with dirt. You can help your child gain these important experiences, for example, by playing and exercising in the fresh air, even when it is cold and humid, and in a natural and not too sterile environment.

The importance of nutrition for the immune system

Nutrition plays a particularly important role in the development of resilience. A continuous supply of valuable nutrients such as vitamins A, C and D is important for a healthy immune system. And with a strong immune system, your child is ready to discover the world. These are foods like spinach, broccoli, avocado, lemon, yogurt, almonds, ginger…

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