General conditions of use of the portal

General conditions of use of the portal

Welcome to the pages of the Zdrava beba portal. Before you start using them, please familiarize yourself with the General Terms of Use of the portal and the General Terms of Personal Data Protection.

If you have any questions or ambiguities, please contact us by email at [email protected].

Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions

By accessing the pages or using any part of the portal or content, you accept these General Terms of Use and the General Terms of Personal Data Protection (“General Terms”) and all other rules and terms of use of the portal.

If you do not agree with the above, please do not continue using the portal.

Changes to the General Conditions and the portal

Digitala obrt, as the author and owner of the portal, reserves the right to change or supplement the General Terms and Conditions at any time, and such changes shall enter into force on the day of publication on the portal. By continuing to access the portal’s pages or use its content, it is considered that you agree to these amended and supplemented General Terms and Conditions. You should periodically check these General Terms and Conditions to familiarize yourself with their possible changes.

Digitala obrt has the right at any time and without prior notice to change, supplement or terminate any part of its presence on the Internet, including the portal, or any part, service or subpage of the portal. This right includes, but is not limited to, the availability of content, new data, methods of transmission, as well as the right to access or use content on

By using the portal, you agree to use it in accordance with positive regulations and general moral and ethical principles.

General terms of protection of personal data

On the portal, we use the so-called cookies – “cookies” to improve site functionality and optimize advertising. For this purpose, we analyze data on the use of individual parts of the portal and traffic on the portal. Cookies are text files stored on the computer of the portal visitor. Cookies make it possible to recognize users who visit the site again and serve customized content and facilitate the use of the portal.

What “cookies” does the portal use?

Temporary cookies (“session cookies”) are short-term text records that are automatically deleted after you close your Internet browser.

Permanent (“persistent cookies”) – these are cookies that remain recorded even after closing the browser. They have a specific expiration date, after which they are deleted automatically. You can delete them yourself using the instructions below. The information they collect is anonymous and does not include private information.

The third-party cookies we use are:

Google Analytics service for measuring site visits and performance. If you do not agree to the use of these cookies, you can enable them here:
Facebook Pixel service for connecting the portal with Facebook for the purpose of analyzing the success of advertising campaigns on Facebook and other actions related to Facebook.

Using the portal is free. The only section reserved for registered users is “Professional content”, intended for doctors, pharmacists and other medical professionals. By registering to use expert content, you leave certain personal data so that you can view and continue to use the same content. You can delete your account at any time and send a request to delete all your data

How to delete cookies?

You can withdraw your consent to the use of cookies on our website at any time. You can delete or block them through your internet browser or using specialized programs for this. Please note that disabling all cookies can cause problems in the functioning of most pages, including our pages. Instructions for cookie settings in your browser can be found at the following links:

The IP address is transmitted with each request sent to the server, so that the server knows where the response must be sent. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns everyone an IP address when connecting to the Internet. The ISP can track which IP address is assigned to individual users at which time. As long as the saved IP address is not deleted, the identity of the end user can, in theory, be obtained through the ISP. For this reason, the Controller does not save the IP addresses of visitors, but only uses them for the purpose of session recognition and defense against attacks. Accordingly, the IP address is deleted immediately afterwards, so that the collected data remains anonymous and that the identity of the end user cannot be known even through the mediation of the ISP.


Content and Services

There are several types of content on our portal: our own original content, content from relevant sources and content from third parties (partners, collaborators, advertisers).

The content of third parties on the portal is specifically indicated.

The portal also contains links to portals and pages of which it is not the owner nor does it in any way participate in the creation of that content. As such, we have no control over changes to those sites and fully disclaim any responsibility, including but not limited to the accuracy, completeness, and availability of content on websites created by third parties.

Digitala obrt is not responsible for any damage caused to you or other users by using the content published on the portal.

The content of the portal is reviewed before publication, but we do not guarantee its absolute accuracy, especially in the case of content for which third-party materials were used (articles on other portals, media, publications, books, magazines, etc.). We try to transmit accurate information, but errors are possible. We are not responsible for any error caused by the use of untrue facts stated in the content of third parties, misstatements or typographical errors. Use the content from the portal at your own risk. Before each use in your works, texts, portals and the like, check and confirm the accuracy of the content.

We reserve the right to make changes, temporary suspensions, delays and termination of the provision of content or any services at any time and for any reason. We also reserve the right to restrict access to certain services, content and parts of the portal without prior notice.



Most of the texts and part of the photos on the portal are the property of the portal and may not be transferred, reproduced, distributed or published without prior permission. For details and permits, contact us at [email protected].

Sharing and publication of content on non-commercial user pages and social networks is permitted, with the indicated source of the content and a return link to the original article on the portal.

By using the portal, you have a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable license to use the content for personal or professional purposes if you are a medical professional (related to the “Professional Content” section of the portal), subject to compliance with these conditions:

You use the contents and services at your own risk, while respecting copyright and other intellectual property rights,
You may not make any changes and modifications to the contents and services without the prior consent of the portal editors
All content and materials used must, if possible, contain copyright notices



Digital obrt is not responsible for possible damage that may occur due to interruption of availability, non-publishing or deletion of content, as well as errors in the operation of websites and interruption of operation of websites.

You agree to use the portal at your own risk. Digital craft, the portal’s editors and third parties connected to the portal do not guarantee in any way that the use of the portal will not be interrupted or that it will be without difficulties in operation. From time to time, work interruptions and unavailability are possible due to maintenance of the portal, equipment and infrastructure or other reasons for which we are not responsible. Loss of any data due to unavailability, problems with the Internet network, equipment and infrastructure are not our responsibility nor do we have any influence on them. Digital craft, the portal’s editors and third parties connected to the portal will not be responsible in any case for any damage caused as a result of using or not being able to use the portal.


General provisions

Positive regulations of the Republic of Croatia apply to the use of the portal. In the event of a dispute, the competent court in Zagreb is competent.

Privacy statement

Thank you for visiting our portal. We hope that you will find the content useful and interesting.

In case of any communication with us and use of the portal, we respect and guarantee your full right to security. We have taken all measures to ensure that your personal data that we obtain in this way is protected and safe. The controller of data collected through electronic communication and the use of the portal is Digitala obrt. See below for more information on the key issues of protecting your privacy on the portal and your rights.

What basic data do we collect through the portal?

Only those personal data necessary for the provision of portal services are collected, as well as data that you provide us voluntarily for the use of some of the additional services. Cookies, first name, last name, e-mail address are collected if you contacted us via the contact form or sent us an e-mail to our e-mail address. We use your data carefully, keeping in mind all measures to keep it safe and secure.

Personal data includes any information that can directly or indirectly identify you.

Processing of personal data is any action that uses your data, such as collecting, recording, storing, searching, using, modifying or any other action involving personal data that we receive from you.

How are personal data stored?

We take all necessary measures to ensure their safety. We do not share personal data with third parties without your permission, and this is done only if sharing data is necessary to solve a specific problem. An exception may be a court order or other extraordinary situation that is subject to the laws of the Republic of Croatia.

Only authorized personnel who comply with the rules of the Privacy Statement and the principles of keeping personal data have access to personal data. For the purpose of better protection, we continuously improve our systems in order to have the highest possible measure of security.

For what purposes do we use your personal data?

Your personal information is used only for management, support and feedback on the service provided and to prevent violations of security, law or contractual terms.

To whom can we disclose your personal data and in what case?

We may forward personal data to government bodies and agencies in the following situations:

  • We are required by law to do so
  • It is necessary for the legal process to take place
  • When responding to legal actions
  • If it is in accordance with legal actions and requirements or for the purpose of protecting the rights of portal staff, users and the public

Viewing and deleting data

You can request access to the data, as well as its deletion, by sending a request to [email protected].

Use of cookies

Cookies – “cookies” collect data about the type of browser and operating system, the associated page and the path through the page, the domain of the ISP and the like, in order to have an insight into the way of use and analysis of the success of our portal. Cookies also help to improve the user experience by adapting the portal to your needs. Cookies are stored on your computer. Once you stop using our portal, this data is no longer available to us. Cookies contain an IP address, not a first and last name

What is SPAM?

Spam is the name for any unwanted message sent without your consent. We will never send unsolicited messages, and all recipients of our newsletter confirm their consent to be included in the recipient list. When sending the newsletter, we do not use your personal data without your express permission. If you believe that you have received an unsolicited e-mail from us, please contact us from the address to which it was sent with the specified problem.

How long do we keep your personal data?

We may store your personal data in our databases. They are stored as long as necessary to respond to the inquiry, provide the service, ensure a better service, and in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

What data is collected through online surveys?

Each survey will state what data is used and how. Personal data is most often used for internal use in order to create group statistical indicators for the purpose of analyzing the success of surveys.

Changes to the privacy policy

We reserve the right to change and correct the Privacy Policy. We suggest that you periodically access this page in order to have an overview of the updated Privacy Policy.

Where to contact for additional questions about personal data

You can contact [email protected].


Accepting the terms of the Privacy Statement

Here is a description of what data and in what ways we use it so that the experience of using our portal is optimal and satisfactory, and we receive the feedback necessary to improve the content and functionality of the portal.

Here we provide all the information on the basis of which you can decide whether to use this portal. Therefore, by continuing to use the portal, communicating with us electronically, and using our content and tools, you accept and give your consent to the use of your personal data in the ways defined in this Statement.

For our additional services such as membership, use of reserved contents (e.g. “Professional contents”) and newsletters, we will ask you for additional information, as well as your consent for the use of personal data.

For all questions, contact [email protected].