How to strengthen the immune system in children?

At the end of summer and beginning of autumn, children return to kindergartens, nurseries, schools, in a word, to collectives. In order to be sure that our child will not get sick from every contact with a cold or virus, it is good to work on strengthening his immune system. In addition to nutrition, which is very important here, nutritional supplements in the form of vitamins suitable for children, there are several other instructions on how to strengthen children’s immunity.

Out in the fresh air!

In spring and summer, exposure to the Sun helps in the synthesis of vitamin D in the body. This vitamin is very important for the immune system. During autumn and winter, outdoor activities, i.e. in the cold fresh air, help the development of the body’s defense system. When a child spends time outdoors, especially in the colder months, there is increased circulation while moving and in this way immunity is stimulated.

Dormant immune system

Regular bedtimes and afternoon naps bring good mood and are especially healthy for your child whose immune system is not fully developed. Too short and low-quality sleep weakens the body’s defenses. This is precisely why afternoon naps are still insisted on in kindergartens until school age.

Moderate dirt contact is fine

Although we try to keep children as far away from dirt as possible, especially in the last few years when a strong hand washing campaign literally took over all media channels, but still – moderate contact with dirt and bacteria not only enhances the development of the immune system and subsequent resistance to diseases, but also tolerance to different allergens. Let your children get dirty from time to time 😉

Breastfeeding strengthens the immune system

This now applies to babies who are still at the mother’s breast, because during breastfeeding, your child is optimally nourished, but it is very important to supplement with vitamins D, C and A, which are necessary for the normal function of the immune system.

In autumn increase your childs diet with foods (taking into account the child’s age) that are full of vitamins C and D so that your child, in addition to tasty meals, also strengthens the immune system. These are foods such as: lemons, oranges, ginger, fish, full-fat dairy products, berries…

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